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My CB750 book
Hardcover Edition

TEMPORARY NOTICE: Paypal is turned off temporarily. Please e-mail to for details on purchasing this book by snail-mail, or get one (with a credit card) directly from the publisher at, search for "My CB750 Book" and it will pop right up. Sorry for the inconvenience! =============================================== This is a full-color, coffeetable-quality CB750 Shop Manual and Reference Guide for rebuilding the 1969-1978 CB750 SOHC4 Honda motorcycles, with a 40-year perspective. Included is some history, step-by-step how-to for rebuilding the entire bike, the undocumented internal changes and idiosyncracies of the bike, performance enhancements, and tuning and maintenance tips. Also included are in-depth theory sections on how these motorcycles work. Modern-day parts vendors are referenced in the text. While focused primarily on the K1 thru K6 models, support is given for the K0, "F", and K7/8 series bikes as well. The purpose behind this book: to help you rebuild one of these great motorcycles.
-Theory sections: how the carbs, alternator, electrical, and suspension stuff works. Also, there's detail on the oiling principles used in this engine and the drive chain, along with notes on Honda's unique rear drive sprockets for these bikes (apparently, I am the only one still making these unique items today, instead of the generic type).
-Engine: removal, teardown, and reassembly (3 separate chapters).
-Engine Inspection: a chapter by itself, noting wear points and what to do about them.
-Suspension: how the 750 chassis works, with alignments, fixes, steering head bearing replacement, swingarm system information, shocks and their effects, forks and their different types (and how they work and how to tune them). There is also a general chassis tuning discussion.
-Wheels: Front and rear wheels, bearings, brakes, and improvements, and diagnosis of troubles.
-Carburetors: detailed theory on how they work, how to clean them properly, and wear points to check.
-Electrical: all of the circuits of the bikes in all versions of the wiring harnesses, broken down into individual functions like Headlight circuit, Starter circuit, etc. How the charging system works (alternator, regulator, and rectifier). Electrical diagnosis and how to find the things that cause trouble (and fix them for good!). How to rebuild the starter solenoid and the handlebar switches. How to add relay(s) to the system to extend the handlebar switch life and generally improve the original electrical performance. How to change the fuseholder(s) to something more modern and more reliable, and where to get all these parts (hint: look around this website).
-Performance improvements: In two chapters - the first is stuff you can do yourself to recover up to 10 of the "lost" HP of the K3 and later engines. The second chapter is about going beyond that, while still preserving a long-lived engine.
-Appendixes: General diagnosis, Maintenance schedule, Tuneup, Valve Repairs (i.e., performing a minor valve job), Transistorized Ignition installation (as seen elsewhere on this website), cosmetic changes over the years, and Tuneup.

This book is arranged more like a "class" on rebuilding the bikes instead of just a reference manual. You'll be able to use the Index to find things, and if you're rebuilding an engine it will take you step-by-step through the Inspection process.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping charges to overseas range from $16 to UK to over $26 to Netherlands: you will receive an e-mail after your order that will indicate how much additional shipping will be required. Please specify by e-mail to immediately after ordering, if you wish the book signed by the author.

IF YOU DESIRE A PAPERBACK VERSION, in either standard U.S. 9.5" x 11" size or the Euro A4 size (all are in full color), please go to, then search for "My CB750 Book" and it will appear there. This publisher prints in Europe as well, for less shipping if you live there. The more-durable hardcover edition is NOT available in Europe, but may be ordered here, for extra shipping.
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